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Trendy Hairstyle 2015: Micro Fringe

Urban, modern, and a clear statement, the Micro Fringe look is at home in today’s metropolises. Whether New York, London, Sydney or Tokyo, strong women can use it to send a clear signal. "This is precisely the message behind the Micro Fringe," says Schwarzkopf hair expert Armin Morbach: "It will suit creative women who want to show themselves off."

Clean, flat structures and an extremely short fringe literally frame the face. "The Micro Fringe therefore calls for a dark colour which can be further accentuated with a purple-black or blue-black shimmer," says Morbach. Bold colours and regularly trimmed edges are the Micro Fringe’s distinguishing features. "The most important aspect of the Micro Fringe is the super-short fringe; the overall hair length can vary considerably," explains Armin Morbach. The look especially suits healthy, smooth, shiny hair.

The gallery photos provide a glimpse of the styling and the way the photographers perceived the styles.

Gallery: The Styling of the Micro Fringe Look

Schwarzkopf hair expert Armin Morbach on the Micro Fringe look

Can you describe the look in just a few sentences, touching on the cutting technique, colour, and special features?
ARMIN MORBACH: The most important aspect of the Micro Fringe is the super-short fringe. Ideally, it should be coloured blue-black. That way, the Micro Fringe frames the face correctly from an aesthetic point of view.

What is important for this trendy hairstyle?
ARMIN MORBACH: The hair should be really dark and as smooth and straight as possible, with a healthy shine. The fringe should also always be cut very precisely.

Micro Fringe is a very linear look. What hair structure and length best suits this look?
ARMIN MORBACH: It should always be worn with dark hair – ideally voluminous, straight hair as seen in Latina women. The French and Spanish also often have beautiful, voluminous hair like this. The hair length can vary a lot! The Micro Fringe looks great as a genuinely short style, but is just as good worn with hair cropped to just under the ears. The Micro Fringe also looks cool with shoulder-length or longer hair.

What is the most important thing about the Micro Fringe look?
ARMIN MORBACH: Micro Fringe is a very clear statement. I imagine it would suit creative, fashion-conscious women – women who want to say something with their hairstyle will wear the Micro Fringe. Anyone who prefers not to stand out will not wear a statement look like this.

Who would best suit the look: a woman with pronounced features e.g. a prominent nose or large eyes, or a woman with less remarkable features?
ARMIN MORBACH: I believe anyone can wear the Micro Fringe look. It looks particularly good with a full face or high cheek bones, and I’d love to see a 60-year-old wear it.

Are there any celebrities you'd like to see wearing the Micro Fringe look? Or did the stars perhaps inspire this look?
ARMIN MORBACH: Angelina Jolie would look super wearing the Micro Fringe. She is a strong woman with incredible charisma. The look really suits women like that.