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Trendy Hairstyles 2015: Interview with Armin Morbach

Schwarzkopf hair expert Armin Morbach on the collaboration with Mario Testino and on the suitability of the new hairstyles for everyday wear and for every age

Armin Morbach, ...

... what’s special about Mario Testino? What do you like about him and what does he represent for you personally?
ARMIN MORBACH: Mario Testino is always on point. Everyone knows his portraits and actors. Everyone knows his celebrity photos. This year, we wanted all of the looks to be individual, but we also wanted them to resemble a cover photo. This is why the images are similar in the cut, for instance, because each individual motif is meant to look like a cover shoot.

Is there a Mario Testino shoot that you would have especially liked to attend?
ARMIN MORBACH: Naturally, I’d have just loved to be at Lady Diana’s photo shoot. Today it’s a genuine classic. At the time I might have thought, "Gosh, that’s square", but in hindsight you can see that it’s truly her most iconic picture. He always takes iconic pictures – and not just of Diana.

What else distinguishes his work?
ARMIN MORBACH: Mario Testino works fast and is extremely organized. No photo takes longer than a quarter hour to shoot. He leaves nothing to chance – absolutely nothing!

Did anything particularly unusual happen at the shoot?
ARMIN MORBACH: Mario Testino arrived a bit late one day because he had a bad back, but because everything was so perfectly organized that didn’t matter one bit. We were all there and he can rely on his team 100%, so everything ran smoothly. The stylist works for the French Vogue and his entire team is pretty big, so everything really came together.
At first glance, the looks all seem very different. Is there a unifying element?
ARMIN MORBACH: Before creating the looks, we always look closely at what’s going on at fashion shows and on the streets. You see Pastel Stories on the catwalk – at Bottega Veneta shows, for instance. If you look at the high street, the women seem to look rather like Double Square; they are starting to wear quite choppy hairstyles again. We saw a lot of this in London, but we also saw backcombed hair and wigs. We’re perfectly on trend this year; we saw the "dark hair and short fringe" look at a Marc Jacobs show, but at that point we’d actually already developed the Micro Fringe for our Schwarzkopf Looks 2015.

"Change" was the focus of the Schwarzkopf Looks 2014. What feeling is conveyed by the Trendy Hairstyles 2015? What is their key message?
ARMIN MORBACH: This year, we wanted to show very different women. We were inspired by women from France, Sweden, the USA and Asia. In the latter case, we chose a woman who didn’t look particularly normal, but instead looked as though she actually lived in Tokyo. We simply wanted to somehow include this street style in the looks. An Asian woman with dyed blonde hair and purple tips is unusual, but the women really do look like that in Tokyo! For many, their greatest wish is to be more blonde. We asked ourselves how people actually dress, what they wear when they go to nightclubs. We then used this to inspire our looks.

What role does age play in the looks?
ARMIN MORBACH: I don’t believe that age plays any great role anymore. Take the Double Square look, for instance: if I imagine a naturally grey 60-year-old with a bright red bob and bright red lipstick, it looks fantastic. Naturally, there are still some basic rules: if I had a high forehead, I’d avoid short fringes like the one in the Micro Fringe look. However, it’s all about what suits you and your style – age has nothing to do with it. Even Backcomb Grunge can look beautiful on a mature woman. It could be worn with an elegant Jil Sander coat, with eyeliner to emphasize the eyes and well-groomed hair, for instance.

At first glance, the looks seem quite extreme and not everyone will have the courage to wear them. How can the looks be worn from day to day and in small towns?
ARMIN MORBACH: You should let the looks inspire you; you don’t have to emulate the entire look. You could adopt the fringe length from the Micro Fringe, for instance. Alternatively, redheads could dye parts of the underside of their hair with black. Everyone should play with the Looks! This will result in softened versions of the looks that will work well from day to day, but are also very much on trend.

Is there another general trend for hairstyles at the moment?
ARMIN MORBACH: Yes, haircuts are becoming increasingly important and are now taking centre stage again. We also wanted to show this in the looks, because one thing’s for sure: every woman can have her hair dyed, or dye it herself at home, but it will only look really good if the haircut is perfectly suited to it.

How would you summarize the looks?
ARMIN MORBACH: Styled like this, every woman can be transformed into a cover model. The cover idea was always in the back of our minds this year. This was particularly emphasized by the photographer, Mario Testino. We can now show every woman: "Hey, this is how you can look"! I can picture a woman dressed to the nines and wearing the Double Square look at a restaurant of an evening. Wearing that, everyone would be looking at her. Every woman can have a big entrance. In a single sentence: with these looks, every woman can have her cover moment.